Friend or Foe? How to Identify, Trap and Rid your home of Ghosts

How do you know when you have a ghost hanging out in your home? Signs include unexplained noises and voices, objects disappearing, electronics turning on and off by themselves, lights flickering, unexplained smells, or an uneasy feeling that you’re being watched. But how do you know for sure that it’s paranormal activity – and not the cat – causing these abnormalities? And how do you rid your home of them? Here are some tips.

What is paranormal activity?

If you are experiencing something abnormal that defies logic, you may be dealing with paranormal phenomena. But first you want to rule out anything that is easily explained. So ask yourself, is there a rational explanation for the spooky activity? Could it be the wind, someone playing a prank, or maybe the cat? If it’s none of these things, and you are sure you are dealing with the paranormal, proceed with caution.

Identifying your spirit

Sometimes ghosts don’t realize they’re dead or being bothersome; they just want to remain in their home. But if they become territorial they can do downright scary things. How is your ghost presenting itself? Are you hearing bumps, whispers or screams? Are items levitating, or crashing around? It’s important to understand the motivation of your ghost; this will help you decide if you can work out an arrangement, or if you need to exorcise them from your home.

You may also want to explore if this ghost is familiar to you, a loved one or sworn enemy, or if you are encountering a spirit that is unknown to you. If you have recently moved into a new home with a sordid past, you will want to look up the home’s history to give you insights into what you’re dealing with. The next step is to decide whether or not you are willing to share your home with your ghost. Assess how you feel; you should always listen to your gut. If you are scared, literally to death, then you will definitely want to proceed to the next step.

Ghost busting

If you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, you can attempt to trap the spirit yourself, but you’ll need to invest in some specialized equipment to do so:

  • Use a manual (film camera), camcorder and/or tape recorder to identify the ghost (and prove to your friends that you aren’t crazy)
  • EMF (Electromagnetic field) detector to track the ghosts presence in real-time
  • Infrared thermal scanner to detect cold spots caused by ghosts
  • Apps for your smart phone have come a long way and are definitely worth a try

Once you’ve tracked your ghosts, it’s time to get rid of them.

Ask politely:

It sounds silly, but some ghosts mean no harm, especially if they are a family member. You can always nicely ask an unwanted visitor to leave. Or let them haunt a part of your home that you don’t use often, like the attic or the guest room when your mother-in-law sleeps.

Burial Method:

Acquire a metal box and fill the bottom with soil from hallowed ground (from a church or cemetery) and lure your ghost to the box with some chocolate or a lotto ticket. Once he’s inside, secure the box closed, sprinkle with salt and bury.

Candle Method:

Find a glass jar with a secure lid. At midnight, light a candle within the jar at the haunted location. The ghost will be attracted to the candle, and once he or she is inside the jar (which you’ll know because you’ve used your fancy equipment to track it), close and seal it for eternity.

Hire a professional:

Many paranormal seekers are actually volunteers, so you can contact a local organization in your area for advice and help:


You win some, you lose some.


Happy Halloween!