Get Extra Cozy This Fall

It’s almost that time of year again; time for cuddles and hot cocoa by the fireplace. It’s also almost time to debate whether to trade in the heels and cocktails on a chilly Friday night for Netflix in bed. We’re going to make that decision a piece of cake for you. Plot twist: sweaters aren’t just for humans *gasp* they’re also for beds. Go get a cable knit blanket and let your lovely bed revel in the sweater weather with you. Next, definitely invest in a real down comforter because it really is that much better than a featherless comforter. You’ll feel even more luxurious than you already do if you skip the top sheet and go European style.

Once you’ve got the basics down, add a super fluffy rug right next to your bed so your feet have something soft to land on each morning. It’ll be like walking on clouds, which is a much nicer wake-up call than a cold floor. Next: lighting. No one feels über comfy if they’re being blinded by their bright overhead flight, so go out and find a pleasant lamp to put on your bedside table. If you’re into a fairy tale feel, you must string lights above your bed to add a twinkle of magic. Last but not least, pillows, pillows, pillows. Some say you shouldn’t do more than two on each side, we say the more the merrier. And just like that, voila; you’re very own Wonderland.