Meet our Buyers Aaron, Melissa & Hazel


Who are you?

We are a family of three humans and one dog. Aaron, Melissa, Hazel (16 months) and Stuart Little (dog). We have lived in the South Central area for the past four years and love the neighborhood, but with the arrival of Hazel in 2016 we are feeling ready for slightly more space.

What do you do?

Aaron is an RN at St. Peter’s Hospital and Melissa is an Attorney for the Department of Justice. Hazel keeps the household in line and Stuart cleans up after Hazel and lives for hikes.

Why do you love Helena?

We love the equally easy access to downtown and to Helena’s wonderful trail system for hiking, biking, running, and skiing. We love the community, which is a great place to raise a child and has a lot of wonderful activities and resources both indoors and out, and lots of great people who enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Where do you see yourself in Helena?

We would love to be in the south central area (south of Broadway and west of Montana) or on the west side (west of Benton and south of Euclid), but would be open to other locations that offered easy access to trails.

What size house would be ideal?

We’re looking for a home in the 2,200-2,500 square foot range, but would consider anything between 2-3,000 square feet. Ideally we would like to find something with 4 beds/2 baths, but need at least 3 bedrooms and two baths.

Bonus points for:

Would love a garage, or at least off-street parking. We don’t need an exceptionally big yard, just room for a small vegetable garden. We would love to be within easy walking distance of a trailhead. Bonus points for lots of light and an open feeling in the main living area.


Mary Ahmann HibbardMessage Mary ([email protected]) if you have a home that would fit their needs!