Personalize Your Pumpkins

This Halloween skip the knife and save a pumpkin! Last year we saw this new trend take off and turns out it's still just as popular this year. Do something different than the typical Halloween jack-o-lantern and try a more sophisticated pumpkin with a flourish of your personal style. We've scoured the internet for our favorite bloggers/Instagrammers to bring you the ultimate no carve pumpkin ideas. So, without further ado, here they are!

Floral Fun – Use a drill or nail wide enough to poke holes through for stems of flowers and cover pumpkin in them. Use flowers with your favorite fall colors: yellows, oranges, and reds. For a more dainty look, use white daisies.


Bold & Sparkly – Paint with traditional acrylic paint and allow it to dry overnight, then put glue all over the stem and sprinkle glitter on it (or wherever else). Sparkles and gold accents will add glam to your fall décor and make you wish pumpkins were always in season.


Dia de los Muertos Style – Begin by painting the whole pumpkin white, then allow it to dry overnight. Next draw a skull face with a pencil, and then go over it in paint.

Monogram – Add your initial to your pumpkin with glitter or thumbtacks. If you are putting it outside, another idea is to put your house number on it.

Different types of paint – Use chalk paint for vintage looking pumpkins with muted tones or glow in the dark paint for extra spookiness.

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Make it unique – This could easily be our favorite. Are you a wine connoisseur? A Seahawks fanatic? Forever have the wanderlust itch? Put your passions on your pumpkin to reach the pinnacle of customization.



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Not only are no carve pumpkins quick and easy, they're super chic too. Spray paint your pumpkins gold, silver, black, and white, add stripes or polka dots or turn it into a doughnut. Whatever direction you go with with it, your 2015 pumpkin game = strong.