This is where our stories meet.

I am passionate about telling stories. Where will our story take us. Are you a buyer? Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk about how I can make your Montana dream home a reality.

Selling? With a background in marketing, I have the advantage of knowing what appeals to buyers and how to market your home.

Finding common ground to cultivate community, my true specialty is bringing people together and helping you reach your goals. I am inspired by the place I get to live, work, and play. And you can be too.

But, I had wings before I had roots. I left home to see what life was like was outside of Montana. Leaving home made me love and appreciate it even more. So, I planted roots. I have now had the privilege of calling Montana home again for over a decade and love the lifestyle living here offers. From mountain top to prairie bottom, there is something for everyone here. I personally love to spend my time hiking the mountains, fishing the rivers, floating and boating in the lakes, and camping under the Big Sky surrounded by stars.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Montana State University. With a passion for helping people, a love for community, and being inspired by bringing folks together, I am ready to go #allinforyou. Let’s see where this story takes us.