My name is Ashley Lucas and I was born and raised in Helena MT. I have lived in Montana my
whole life and have never left, clearly I have a passion for this beautiful state! I am married to
my best friend TJ, and we have four beautiful children together. Many people asked me before I
started this journey, why real estate? I had to look clearly at the reasons for a change in life and
there were a few key components. One, I have a huge desire to connect with people and help
them, and secondly, I am someone that loves to do things right the first time. Jessica Moore and
I choose to work with one another to bring out clients the BEST service because we agreed
upon the reasons stated. We felt that as a team we could bring the best service to our beloved
Helena area. We now get to do what we love and do it well together. Bringing a smile to our
clients faces is why we do what we do. We have four promises we can make to you as our
clients, we will always be on time, we will always be honest, we will keep everything confidential,
and we will work extremely hard for you! Whether you are shopping for your first home, want to
sell to upgrade, or are investing, we are here to work hard for you! We can not wait to meet you
and help you with all your real estate needs.