Greg (Z-Man) Zeller has lived in Helena since July of 1977. He has invested 28 years as a radio Advertising Consultant and additional 8 years in retail Sales and Management. His goal in real estate is; “Whether buying or selling, my goal is that our first transaction will be so great that you’ll not only refer me to your closest friends, relatives and associates, you’ll come to me first the next time!”

Greg says that the top 5 things he can’t live without are faith in God, family, fresh fruit, Chinese food and micro beer (could actually live without it, but life wouldn’t be quite the same.) His basic philosophies include: 1) Do unto others as you’d have done unto you. 2) Work hard – Play hard 3) If you love someone – Tell Them!

Z-Man stays active, loves sports and works out regularly. Go to games and watches them on TV. Especially NFL football, NCAA basketball or MLB baseball. Music is one of Greg’s passions and his personal soundtrack includes: The Beatles, The Who, CCR, Boston, Eagles, Matchbox 20, Fergie, Daughtry, Brad Paisley, George Straitt, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks,,, Bach, Pavaratti, Rachmaninoff, this is only part of a LONG! You’ll see him at live theater and concerts.

Greg spends free time with friends and family, volunteering in community events, golfing, hiking and traveling to places like Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mexico and Germany. I read a fair amount of fiction and non-fiction, biographies and historical novels,,, the Shack, anything by David Baldacci or Alexander Rutherford.