How do you choose a realtor? Aside from the obvious desirable traits – like being knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly – my advice is to find someone who understands your lifestyle and shares your passion. I am passionate about Helena. It’s fantastic place to live, raise a family, and retire.

I am passionate about Helena’s ridiculous access to the outdoors. I’m passionate about the vibrant history on display throughout downtown. I’m passionate about the eclectic mansions, the walking mall, strolls through the farmers’ market, and the family-friendly atmosphere at Helena’s great breweries. I’m passionate about the underrated arts scene and the fact that you can get to Glacier Park and back in the span of a long day, with a stop for dinner in Choteau. I’m passionate about quiet days kayaking on the Missouri – and the bumpy ride up to Park Lake. I’m passionate about watching my kids swim in the Boulder River and about picking huckleberries in our “secret” spot up Rimini Road.

These are the things that brought me back to Helena after spending my childhood here, moving off to attend college in Missoula, and starting a family in Colorado. But like all great places, Helena whispers to you in your sleep. It’s a uniquely Montana city – a confluence of arts and culture, bookended by ranching communities, infused with politics. It’s a place where you can still go on walks inside the Capitol building and where the fingers of a mountain stretch right into downtown.  For a few years in my early 20’s, I thought I had outgrown it. But like so many others I know, the lure of Montana summers and the appeal of one of its most charming cities brought me home.

My love for Helena and for Montana are what ground the work I do with my clients. Because I believe that real estate is about more than closing transactions. It’s about building trusted relationships. It’s about sharing ideas and the things you love. It’s about helping people connect to a community in a way that makes it feel like more than just a place to live. In the best of circumstances, it’s about helping people find the place they will come to think of as home – a place that, with any luck, their own children will someday find calling to them in their dreams.