Windermere Foundation Quarterly Report Q3 2015


Greeetings from the Windermere Foundation,


Many people in our communities struggle each day to have their most basic needs met. But thanks to contributions from Windermere owners, agents, staff and our community partners, the Windermere Foundation has been able to donate $1,359,000 so far this year to organizations that provide services to low-income and homeless families throughout the Western U.S.


Windermere offices throughout the Western U.S. partner with organizations in their local communities to help with fundraising and support of their programs. One such organization is Tree House in Tacoma, Washington, which welcomes families who need a place to stay while a loved one is in the hospital. Tacoma-based Windermere Professional Partners has been a supporter of Tree House since 2007 when the organization was merely a concept. Since then, they have donated nearly $75,000 through the Windermere Foundation to help make Tree House the incredible organization that it is today. Over the years, the Windermere team has filled the Tree House pantry shelves with non-perishable food. They were also the very first organization to cook a hot meal for the families that stay at Tree House—families like Will and Carmenita. Here is their story:


New parents, Will and Carmenita, are among many of the Tree House guests. They welcomed their baby boy William at 25 weeks, which was extremely premature. Since his birth, baby William has had multiple surgeries to repair a collapsed lung, a brain bleed, and a hernia. He recently received a shunt to help relieve the pressure put on his brain. In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Tacoma General Hospital, progress is often incremental, with setbacks that could occur at a moment’s notice. It is critical that parents and loved ones stay close by these vulnerable babies. Recognizing the need for families to be near their loved ones in a time of serious illness, MultiCare offers families a place to stay at Tree House. Carmenita and Will have been able to stay at Tree House since William’s birth.


As Carmenita recently expressed, “We’re both very thankful for everything the Tree House has done for us. To be able to be so close and being able to see William whenever we want has meant so much. All of the families and staff have been great; it’s nice to know that we are not alone and that other people do care. The Tree House has really felt like a home away from home for us.”


“We are big fans of Windermere Professional Partners and the Windermere Foundation,” says Cindy Niemi from MultiCare. “As a side note, while they were doing all this for Tree House, they sponsored five of our seven Rock the Foundation events to help with critical care needs at Tacoma General and Allenmore Hospitals.”


Another organization that the Windermere Foundation supports is the Children’s Justice Center (CJC) in Vancouver, Washington, which is one of 600 nationally accredited Children’s Advocacy Centers in the U.S. that provide a safe and supportive place for child victims of crime and their non-offending family members. The center’s multidisciplinary professional team comes together from across a network of both public and private agencies to provide a comprehensive and skillful response that includes safety, justice, healing and support for child crime victims.


The Windermere Stellar offices in Vancouver  have supported the Children’s Justice Center over the years by hosting an annual auction on their behalf. From 2012 through 2014, they have raised and donated a total of $163,300. At this year’s auction in October, they raised an estimated $125,000 which will help the CJC multidisciplinary team provide more for the children they serve. The monies raised will help fund an expansion of the center’s family outreach and support program.


“I am very impressed with the talent, heart and professionalism of our local Windermere group. Over the years, it shows how well they have done to improve their fundraising. They are a winning team for sure.” ~ Mary Blanchette, E.D., Children's Justice Center


These are just a couple of examples of how Windermere offices donate their time and money through the Windermere Foundation to support local non-profit organizations in their community. If you’d like to help us continue to support these and other programs, please click on the Donate button.


Thank you to everyone who supports the Windermere Foundation. Your generosity is truly making a difference in the lives of many families in our local communities.


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Christine Wood

Executive Director

Windermere Foundation